Welcome at the Hagetisse

My name is Emma and I’m a hagetisse. That’s an old-fashioned word for wise woman, healer, cunning woman, leech, the herbwife at the edge of the village. Hagetisse is an old word that was corrupted – under the influence of the church – into the word heks, which is Dutch for witch. The latter is a term that I don’t really use, due to the stigma that is now attached to it. It might give the knowledgeable reader a good idea of the sort of work I do, though.

I am a holistic healer and practice the Craft. Since I have the distinct advantage to have modern, scientifically based medical knowledge as well as old herbal, spiritual and healing knowledge, I can help where ‘regular’ methods failed. The reason behind this? I will not be restricted by social conventions, but will use what a situation requires.

On this site you can find more about what I do, for instance how to book a consultation with me. And I transfer a lot of knowledge, by means of blogs, but also through a vademecum in which I have written down my knowledge about medical, magical and edible plants.