Some plants are better left alone, unless you’re an expert on medicinal and therapeutic usage

A plant that's better left alone, unless you're an expert on medicinal and therapeutic usage: foxglove, digitalis purpurea

One of the plants in my garden that I wouldn’t recommend for medicinal usage unless you’re an expert is foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. This plant has brilliant medicinal properties, but is as potentially deadly as it is beautiful. It’s better left alone, since it has a narrow therapeutic range that it’s too dangerous to meddle with it. You really have to be absolutely sure about the content of your preparation, the level of the constituents, and that’s hard at the best of times. So, no  medicinal usage of home prepared foxglove for this wise woman.

Shame really, cos foxglove is an extremely useful plant in diseases of the heart. In the olden days, when you didn’t have alternatives and it was more a case of last resorts, I might have used it. But nowadays, you can purchase standardised preparations. Besides, we have other plants we can use to support a weak heart.

So I now mostly just enjoy foxglove’s beauty. And employ its magical properties every now and then. I use it to divine, summon and protect myself from any unwanted forces. You can also make a very nice light green dye with it. Hint: I actually use this dye during my summoning sessions. It’s very effective.

The last reason to welcome this plant into my garden is definitely not the least: the bees just love it! Check out this nugget to see just how much…