Addenda to The Hagetisse’s Herbal Grimoire

The creation of The Hagetisse’s Herbal Grimoire was a monumental task and I am but a human. Therefore, despite my careful way of working, errors may have crept into The Hagetisse’s Herbal Grimoire. No matter how many rounds of editing you go through with a book, it happens to every writer. That’s why, at several points in the book, I urge my reader to remain critical and ask them to report any ambiguities and mistakes. And thankfully, they do. I am very grateful to those who have asked me questions about the Herbal Grimoire over the past year. And of course, I myself regularly open the book.

I will list the changes I have made per print or edition on this page. I won’t do this for every change in wording or punctuation. But the important things you’ll find here. You can then make these changes in your own copy. The latest changes are listed first.

Changes in the 1st print, 3rd edition of the standard version and the

1st print, 2nd edition of the Vintage Forest version

Tincturing, the weighted method

In response to a good question I received, I added a piece to this chapter. This piece is almost identical to this blog.

Changes in the 1st print, 2nd edition of the standard version


In the section General, subsection Other, I simplified the wording about its toxicity. It now says: “poisonous. This plant contains alkaloids that can cause poisoning symptoms”.

In the section Usage, subsection Internal, Tinctures, I deleted the line about the dried herb ratio. It doesn’t belong there. Tincture now ends with “fresh : 1:2 in 95% alcohol”. In the subsection Interactions and other information, I have changed “Long-term use” into simply “Use only in consultations with a medical specialist”.


In the subsection What, where, when in the section Usage, it said that 1 gram of bark contains 9 grams of salicin. This should be 9 mg of salicin.

No changes in the Vintage Forest Version as yet.