Banana scramble with fried crumble: a healthy and delicious breakfast recipe

Banana scramble with frying pan crumble: recipe for a healthy and delicious breakfast

This is what my plate looked like this morning. Well, it was actually near noon, but it was my simple, healthy and delicious breakfast: banana scramble with frying pan crumble. I don’t eat this often, because banana has to come from far and I prefer to eat locally. But everyone in my family loves this and overripe bananas are otherwise thrown away, so sometimes we spoil ourselves. As we did today.

Today we ate banana scramble in combination with a crumble from the frying pan, strawberries and fresh whipped cream, the latter without sugar, of course. By the way, normally I would not recommend a dish with a lot of fruit early in the day for people with adrenal issues, but in this case it’s possible. Since you combine the fruit with other, savoury, ingredients and a healthy type of salt, your potassium-sodium balance should be in order.

Banana scramble (per person):

Break two eggs into a bowl. Mash a ripe banana thoroughly with a fork and add it to the eggs. Add a quarter teaspoon of fine Celtic sea salt. Beat everything into submission with a whisk and put it in a hot frying pan with a lump of butter. Turn the heat down to medium-high and stir-fry the scramble, stirring constantly.

Frying pan crumble:

Take an organic apple – I use half an apple per person – and remove the core. Cut the apple into very small pieces. Put a lot of butter in a frying pan. I use about 100 grams of butter for four people. Heat the butter and fry the apple pieces briefly over high heat. Add oat flakes (two handfuls per person) and some raisins. Turn the heat to low and fry, stirring frequently, until the flakes are golden brown.

Serve the banana scramble with the crumble and fresh whipped cream or mascarpone or crème fraiche. You can also add other tasty things, such as some toasted walnuts or almonds and seasonal fruits.