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Abseiling geometer caterpillar image

Abseiling geometer caterpillar

Caterpillars who seem to be dancing… they’re all over the forest at the moment. They’re not dancing, though. It’s more like a sort of abseiling.

These caterpillars will be geometer moths one day. These moths lay their eggs high up the tree when winter approached. When these trees start growing leaves again in spring, the caterpillars emerge and start feasting on the young leaves.

As soon as they’ve had enough to eat they lower themselves to the ground dangling from a silk thread. Once on the ground, they weave a cocoon in which they lie low until autumn arrives.

That’s when their beautiful moth selves emerges to find a mate and restart the cycle….

Animist image


If you insist on putting me into a spiritual box – and that’s something I can do without – then perhaps animist would be the most appropriate label. Everything around me is spirited to me. What’s more, everything around me has just as much right to life as I have. That this is not self-evident for many people is clear from the way we, as a species, treat the earth.

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Be here now image

Be here now

All we have is now. The past is gone and the future is not guaranteed. Our life on this earth is limited and that’s okay. But somehow for us humans that fact only seems reason to not be present wherever it is we are. Life being limited mostly seems to make us push on to be successful, whatever that might mean, somewhere in the future. While making it count NOW is the only sure way of having a successful life. That is, if you consider actually living to be the purpose of our existence. Which I do.

In fact, it’s the thing that keeps me sane in this insane world. Being here now helps me stay grateful for all that is and all that I get to connect with. Those moments that I’m not 100% present the uncertainties of my life could just send me sprawling, mentally. And I don’t want that, cos life just way too sweet. So I work at staying in the present time in my current location. For instance, by consciously connecting with nature around me.

Be in Nature image

Be in Nature

A while back I took some time away from social media. It felt really good. I got to spend even more time out in nature – where I belong – and still had plenty of time to work on my herbal remedies, write, create and loads, loads more.

I can’t say I’ve ever really fallen in love with being on social media. I had hopes of meeting tonnes of like-minded people and sharing my knowledge widely. Granted, I did get to interact with some really great people around the world, but it mostly felt like I was made to jump through hoops and talking into space.

That’s not how I want to spend my time. Especially now it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Meta only has one purpose: getting us hooked to our screens.  So, yeah, I’m done. From now on I’m only sharing on socials when I feel like it and how I feel like it. No more hoops.

Thing is… your time is the most important thing under your control that’s irreplaceable. And our separateness from nature is human’s biggest trauma. So, my advice to you: go offline and be in nature. Restore the connection to all that is; it’s vital to your well-being. Feel that you belong, there, with your feet on the soil and your head in the wind, your surroundings teeming with fellow creatures…

Crow fledgling image

Crow fledgling

Meet our guest for the last two days. This fledgling crow was in our care while waiting to be placed into a bird sanctuary.

He was found sitting on the ground near our field. Normally that wouldn’t have been cause for alarm. Crows, more often than not, leave the nest before they can fly. Their parents will keep feeding them on the ground until they’re ready to do it all on their own.

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Frogs image


HSP image


HSP, or highly sensitive person, also know as a person with SPS, sensory perception sensitivity… that’s terminology I don’t have much use for. Even though one would probably include me in that group. I know that many people consider themselves HSPs and that for them everything fell into place when they first came across the term. But to me it’s just another label, invented to explain a normal reaction to an abnormal world.

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Many parts make up more than a whole: the magic of holism

On this website you will come across the word holistic as a way of looking at life in general and humans in particular. But what is holistic? Webster defines it…

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Mouse, beetles and flies image

Mouse, beetles and flies

Nature’s cycles, the circle of life in action.

I came across this mouse today while walking in local woods. I filmed as it was being eaten by burying beetles (Nicrophorus vespilloides) and carrion flies. While around us everything is growing and coming to fruition, death is still also very much part of life.

Our relationship with nature image

Our relationship with nature

Most of our health problems, be they of a physical, mental or existential nature, are the result of us viewing ourselves as being separate from the earth around as. We’ve chosen this video, made by the BBC in association with Dr. Eleni Dimou, to illustrate what we’re talking about.

To improve our quality of living and sense of well-being we will have not only ‘repair’ every aspect of ourselves, but also reconnect ourselves to nature. That’s the only way in which we will becoming our magical best selves and get to live a fulfilling live.

Rain image


I love the rain … I can see it drench the earth and disappear where it is supposed to be. When it rains after a hot day I can practically hear the plants cheering. Today it sounds more like a satisfied humming.
I get sad when I see that, in many places, the rain is streaming straight into the gutter from the tiles, pavers and asphalt. Did you know that 39.8% of the surface of the average Dutch garden is paved?
Rooks nesting image

Rooks nesting

Some plants are better left alone, unless you’re an expert on medicinal and therapeutic usage

One of the plants in my garden that I wouldn't recommend for medicinal usage unless you're an expert is foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. This plant has brilliant medicinal properties, but is…

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The foundation of a healthy life, part 4: meat, vegetarian or vegan

Over the years I have regularly been asked whether it is healthy to eat meat or to live as a vegetarian or vegan. There is no easy answer to that…

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The principles of permaculture in my wise woman practice

As those who have read my bio on my site will know, one of the passions is permaculture. There is a reason I mention this specifically. First of all, I…

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There seems to be an implicit agreement that we can talk about things that aren’t okay, as long as we frame it positively. So we can talk about what we humans do to the earth, as long as we put a optimistic spin to it. As long as we say that everything will be all right in the end, so sleep tight.

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Walk with me (Oranjewoud) image

Walk with me (Oranjewoud)

Whenever disconnectedness looms (see yesterday’s nugget) there’s always the forest. I try to go there every day, just to wind down from all society’s madness. It never fails to keep me firmly rooted in what I know matters most…

I often have the most wonderful encounters, like the one with herd of deer the other day. Or the jays who had a message for me over the last month or so. Or the caterpillar that I’ll be sure to share with you soon ❤️

Witch or hagetisse: what’s the difference and why aren’t I called a witch?

A question that I get asked a lot is: “You call yourself a hagetisse, but aren’t you really a witch? What's the difference?” I guess that from some perspectives you…

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Witch or hagetisse: what’s the difference and why aren’t I called a witch? image