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Ferns: medicinal, magical, edible and… beautiful

I really enjoy the seas of ferns which you’ll find in forests in temperate climates like ours. Ireland was even more covered in them; forest over there would contain a…
Ferns: medicinal, magical, edible and… beautiful

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Herbal Grimoire Proof Unboxing image

Herbal Grimoire Proof Unboxing

Yes! They arrived, the Hagetisse’s Herbal Grimoire proofs!
As you can tell, they were pretty well packaged. I had a hard time getting them out 😁

So, now my lovely editors and I will be entering into the daunting task of yet another thorough editing round. It’s amazing, the silly mistakes you stumble upon when you finally see your work in print, even after so many earlier editing rounds. However, it will be worthwhile, cos it will make the Herbal Grimoire even better!! ❤🌿📖❤

The hagetisse’s stinging nettle soup recipe

Nettle is a super plant for those who need a mineral boost. And you can find it pretty much everywhere. Today, I am posting my own recipe for a delicious…

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Weed pesto recipe: foraging and cooking with wild plants

Foraging and cooking with wild plants is fun, tasty and healthy. So, today I am posting this yummy recipe for weed pesto.

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Yellow archangel image

Yellow archangel

Look what I found along the side of a forest path: lots of yellow archangel, Lamiastrum or Lamium galeobdolon! Most of you probably know the purple and white relatives of this plant, but you’ll see this one a little less often around here. So I was pretty exited about that, especially since the yellow archangel is even better tasting than either white or purple dead-nettles.

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Yellow archangel image