How did the vademecum come to be?

The idea for the vademecum started from a database that I have maintained for many, many years and in which I always regularly processed new things that I learned. Over time the database has become a huge file in which all kinds of aspects of my knowledge are described and connected. But it was always meant to be offline and for my eyes only. Then the corona crisis occurred and I could no longer do my work, which involved seeing clients. Suddenly I had plenty of time, enough time to find a way to share my knowledge with others. I consulted experts in the field of computers and databases and the idea for an online vademecum was born.

But it actually all started long before I ever learned to work with databases, because what you find in the vademecum goes back to my early childhood. Furthermore, it ultimately also derives partly from that enormous source of inherent knowledge that we all have access to. All in all, the vade mecum is the result of decades of learning and more.