Get rid of pros and cons lists, use your intuition to make decisions

Get rid of pros and cons lists, use your intuition to make decisions

Do you recognise this? You have to make a decision and you’ve been staring at a list of pros and cons for hours.The lists are actually quite clear: you should choose option one, for example.Yet something isn’t right.You can’t get yourself to say yes resoundingly.That’s more normal than you might think.An important decision cannot be taken rationally at all.You think you are making a conscious choice, there’s usually only one option from the start.

Deep down you know exactly what to do. The only thing is that other people taught you that your life is malleable. That if you always make the right decision at the right time, you are sure to make a success of your life. Which doesn’t make sense at all, but this idea has been hammered home thoroughly. It therefore isn’t surprising that you feel that enormous pressure weighing you down: the pressure to make the right decision. Nowadays, many people feel this pressure so often and so intensely that the stress accompanying those feelings causes them serious health problems.

Control is an illusion

Fortunately, this makeable life worldview is not correct at all. It’s nonsensical to think that you can personally control everything everywhere. That thought alone can drive a person crazy. The Earth is huge and currently has about eight billion people living on it. And that’s just the people. There are also countless animal and plant species, forces and influences which are all doing their own thing.

Doesn’t it seem very unlikely to you that you can grasp exactly how things will turn out by making your lists? It is much more likely that you have no idea which decision will trigger what. Everything you do has an effect on the earth around you and everything any one of those others does on that same earth has an effect on you.

Trust that everything is as it is meant to be

In short, stop making lists. You’re beating yourself up over nothing. You can’t oversee the effects of your decision at all and that doesn’t matter a bit. In fact, it makes life easier and lighter. You can rest assured that whatever comes your way is intended, nothing more, nothing less, so you can fully focus on where you want to go.

It further ensures that there is little point in worrying about past and future. You can count on that what happened before was supposed to happen and that what is emerging will come about exactly the way it was inevitable all along. Once you realise this, you can focus on real life as it takes place, in the here and now.

Trust your inner wisdom

We already established that you actually already know what to do. That your inner wisdom, your intuition – give it a name that works for you  – has all the information necessary to make that decision. All you have to do is listen to that gut. More often than not, this process is automatic.

But there are times when your head can get in your way. If so, there are all kinds of methods to help you access your intuition. Divination is one such method which we will talk about in a later blog.