Green and ethical conscience: consultant for those who want to do more for people, animals and the environment

Green and ethical conscience: setting the right course for human and environment

As a hagetisse and wise woman, I consider taking good care of the earth as one of my core tasks. That’s why companies, but also people, who want to do more for people, animals and the environment, can hire me as a green and ethical conscience. I look at how a product, service or project can become more environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and people-friendly. In short, I shine light on any blind spots which may exist.

Due to my broad background, education and experience, I have a good understanding of the different aspects at play in a matter and I am often able to make connections that are easy to overlook. Most importantly, I know how to interpret relevant information and when to keep asking questions.

You cannot change a faulty system by staying within that same system

Too often, I come across well-meaning entrepreneurs who rely too much on the information they’re provided with and are, therefore, asking too few questions. Another pitfall people regularly fall into is that they cannot think outside of the prevailing system. When a system doesn’t work, as is the case with ours, you need to stop thinking from that same system in order to change things.

However, that’s easier said than done. In most green and ethical initiatives I still see that people continue to think from the perspective of how matters are and work now. But to change the world you will have to do things differently and certainly not keep doing them the way we know doesn’t work.

Answering difficult questions will get you further

I am the right person to get you as a person or entrepreneur out of that vicious circle. Because I understand that the world consists of stories and see through those stories, I can help you raise the bar and do more. I will gladly stand next to you to ask you those difficult questions that help you get there. I’m also an experienced entrepreneur and will definitely not lose sight of this aspect of an issue.

What kind of initiatives can you hire me for? Basically any project aiming to be environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and people-friendly. From a new organic product to a circular agricultural project, from a social organization to a private company, my ethical conscience is there for you. By all means, contact me to discuss the possibilities.