Holidays are coming; what my wish list looks like…

Holidays are coming; what my wish list looks like…

Now that we are halfway through November, my family starts to get a bit excited. As I wrote earlier, we celebrate the shortest day quite extensively. The celebrations start the evening before midwinter with the exchanging of gifts. Everyone in our family gives a present to every other family member. It doesn’t really matter what, as long as it’s been chosen with care. For example, I once got a beautiful self-made drawing of my horse as a foal. There was also the time that I received a voucher for a relaxation day, during which I was provided by my children with all comforts, including hand and head massages, for 24 hours.

We do usually make a list beforehand, just in case we lack creativity for some reason or if one of us really has a special wish. Because I can imagine that there are more people who exchange gifts at this time of the year, I thought it might be useful if I’d put a wish list online containing all kinds of things that would be useful to a wise woman. Maybe it’ll come in handy.

I have, therefore, not limited myself to things that are currently on my wish list. The list below also includes basics that many herbalists and green witches could do with. Because some items might be unfamiliar to some, I have tried to link to an online example as often as possible. Of course, it is even better if you can buy it second-hand, at a thrift store for example. You can regularly find me in shops like that or at flea markets, hoping to stumble upon a gem.

Herbalist gifts

First of all, I’d like to mention thé basic equipment for any herbalist who likes to brew a medicinal infusion: the infusion mug. Want to know what to look out for when selecting a mug? Then read this blog. You can also see my mug, which I bumped into a thrift store, there. Infusion mugs can be bought second-hand, but sometimes you have to search for a while.

For those herbalists who like brewing more complicated things like tinctures, oils and ointments, there’s the basic equipment which I already mentioned in various blogs. For convenience sake, I’ll sum everything up once more:

A must have for both herbalists and hedge witches is a good folding knife to use  when you go out gathering. I have a very simple one that has been around for a long time and that I personalized myself by burning cartridges in it. You can find the knife that formed the basis for mine here. In addition, pruning shears and a hori hori can be very useful. A what? A hori hori! An ingenious Japanese garden knife that I really cannot imagine my life without. As far as these tools are concerned, cutting back on them is not a good idea. The right knives and scissors will last a lifetime.

Hedge Witches Gifts

Then for those who love not only plants but also magic … To be honest, I have fewer tips for you, because I think most of us will run into our tools by ourselves. And what we use is not the same for everyone.

Having said that, there are of course always some things any witch can use. I am thinking of candles, for example. I always have white, red and black candles at hand and also a whole box of candles in other colours. Don’t pay too much attention to the goals stated on the packaging. Your association with a colour is more important. I especially like these candles because of the ritually convenient burning time.

Which modern witch doesn’t have a planner these days? Well, I for one. But I do have a notebook which I (also) use to write down appointments. I won’t bore you with my inimitable system for keeping track of the stuff I’m supposed to do, but I didn’t want to deny you the super nice notebooks I use for this purpose. Everything worthwhile gets noted down in here. So, in addition to those appointments and my to do lists, also poems I just have to get out there, clippings, notes for rituals, recipes and other ideas. Some things make their way from this book into my grimoire. The notebooks come in all kinds of colours. My current one is blue. You can also get them unlined, handy if, like me, you often make all kinds of drawings in between.

For those who do use a planner, I had a good look at this one and thought it was very beautiful and durable being a hardback and all. The vision that the writer expresses in the beginning of the planner also fits very well with mine, so that is why it got a spot on this wish list.

Nice things that just make me happy (and maybe you too)

Throw pillows! I really have a thing for those. Especially for colourful ones like this one and this one. They help me to make my space attractive in a simple way. I often buy these kinds of things second-hand as well. Or I make them myself from a nice piece of fabric and an old pillow.

You’ll find stones, shells and feathers everywhere in my house. I often remember exactly when and where I found the item in question. Sometimes I turn them  into gifts for other people. Something else I collect and pass on are seeds. And, of course, eggs. Our productive free-range ladies, provide us with plenty of those, which we also gladly make gifts of.