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Lectures, masterclasses and workshops

I have a lot of experience with speaking in public and giving lectures, masterclasses en workshops for large and smaller groups. My own passion for life and wise womanhood is a never ending source which I can tap into. Thus I make clear and enthusing presentations, which will lead to insights and inspired action.


It is possible to book me for lectures on a wealth of subjects. I also love to come over and speak about my wise woman work. Every lecture can be combined with a masterclass or workshop. Below you will find a few suggestions for lecture subjects. Do you have a specific subject that you are interested in which falls into my fields of expertise? Please, do get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Lecture subject suggestions:

  • Life is magic: how letting magic back into your life will help you lead a happier and healthier existence
  • Back in Mother’s arms: reconnecting with the earth and earth’s magic as a way of healing from chronic afflictions
  • Sailing on your own compass: retrieving your own course through a sea of limiting beliefs
  • Food, exercise, lifestyle: providing a mainstay in a time of information overkill
  • Life as it is meant to be (both for humans and horses)
  • The dehumanised human: why people get more depressed and burn out sooner and how we can turn the tide
  • Modern life and chronic illness: the role of individual and communal trauma in chronic diseases

Workshops and Masterclasses

Many people want to take back control over their life and live their own truth, but do not know where to start. A workshop with me can give you that kick in the bum that you need.

Masterclass and workshop suggestions:

craft clay herbs magic workshop
  • What is my truth? Get cracking practically with the world according to you
  • Healing with The Art: back to being yourself by using magic
  • Practical magic: healthier and happier with everyday magic
  • Tapping into your gut: reconnecting to yourself and retrieving your inner compass
  • Earth Appreciation Academy: retrieve your connection to earth, all life on the planet and universal wisdom
  • Making your own tinctures/salves/decoctions/et cetera

I also design and facilitate workshops on demand on other subjects related to (re)discovery of self, autonomy, nature, magical living, chronic disease and trauma, holistic nutrition and health. Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.