Magical tools: the things I use when practising the craft

witchcraft tools

If you ask me whether I need special, magical tools to practice my craft, the answer is simple and short. No. Strictly speaking, I do not need any special tools in my hagetisse practice. I can do most of my magical work with stuff that you’ll find in any household. Sure, I use specific items regularly and I guess they are my tools. However, I do not need to buy them in a witch shop or else they don’t work.

Magic can be found in the ordinary

Given that there are plenty of shops which thrive on the sale of magic wands, consecrated candles and whatnots, I know that there are plenty of people who think that there can be no craft without investing a shitload of money into tools and materials first. Not so. Maybe some people would like you to believe that or maybe even believe it themselves. But all a utensil needs to become a craft tool is the right intention. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be very nice and easy to buy something ready-made, of course!

Practical reasons for using dedicated tools in the craft

That is not to say I don’t use ‘stuff’ in my craft. I’m not a hand wizard as in that series Merlin, although I do practice magic with literally no tools. But I also use a knife, a cauldron, herbs, stones, shells, rope, candles, feathers, cards, bones… loads of stuff really. They aren’t fancy, expensive and bought at Witches-R-Us, however. Some of my tools are used in craft work only, like my knife, my cauldron and my divination thingummies. That’s for a large part because I sometimes use the kind of herbs and other substances in and on them that I wouldn’t like to get mixed up with my kitchen utensils. For another part, it’s because it does help with the trance-work involved in a lot of my practice to use dedicated materials.

Natural and compostable ingredients wherever possible

The non-reusables that I need for my craft I mostly find in my kitchen or in nature. So, in my house a candle can end up being used on our table to add atmosphere to a dinner with friends. But it might also enlighten a rite. Herbs can spice up my soup or get burned in my cauldron during a working. One thing they all have in common. Wherever possible I use ingredients that are natural and compostable.

Leave no trace

I live by the ‘leave no trace’ credo as much as I can. That means that anything I leave in nature will easily decompose all by itself. If not, I will take it home and make sure it’s properly recycled once it has served its purpose. Still, the latter will only happen if there’s no other way. The preferred method will always the one using compostables only.

For those of you who are curious about the things I use in my craft and how I use them, I will post more on subject soon. For now I think it suffices to tell you not to expect any glamour 😉