Meanwhile, at my place…

clouds gathering over Ireland

Well, the books are all on their way to their new homes. I can actually move around in the house again. Now is the time to fill you in on everything that’s been happening here recently, cos it has been a lot, and it has been the reason I haven’t been very communicative.

The last few months have been a time of letting go. It has been a rollercoaster, to be honest. After the joy of finishing the book and starting the presale, this very quickly changed into deep grief, when on the very same day a close friend passed over. She had been ill for a long time, so we knew it was coming, but no one thought it would be that fast. So, while I felt supported by all the sweet messages that people sent me about the book, I also really hurt inside.

Wyrd at work

I also needed to say goodbye to the idea that I would find a house in the Netherlands. After three years of searching, it was clear that it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. This was a process as well, but all turned out for the best. Towards the end of January, we were offered a gorgeous house in a stunning location in the only other place we could see ourselves live, in Ireland. The way things moved into place were a perfect example of wyrd working. This is the big news I was referring to last week: We’re moving back to Ireland!

So, we took the opportunity that was offered in gratitude. The only thing was… we’d have to move just over a week after the publication of the book and after sending all the grimoires that had been sold in the presale on their way. No pressure!  We worked away to get everything in line for the whole process to run smoothly and hopefully with as little stress as possible.

Another painful goodbye

But then everything was flipped upside down again. My mother-in-law passed away suddenly. Needless to say we were stunned, grief stricken, and for a moment at a loss. She was a remarkable woman to say the least, way ahead of her time, and she has been instrumental in my growth process as a herbalist, healer, and human. We rallied around my father-in-law and did what was necessary to help her passing and our mourning process. This was days before the presale books were delivered. Tomorrow we will be burying her.

Basically, I’ve been surviving on checking off lists ever since we knew we were moving, and even more so from the moment she died. The weirdest thing about death is that the world keeps on turning at the same speed while your life seems to slow down to a crawl, but at the same time there’s no escaping the pull of daily life and what needs to be done. Like fulfilling the obligations you’ve happily entered into at a time when life was still somewhat normal. I can only hope that I haven’t missed any of your messages, but I think I haven’t.

For now, we’re going to focus on saying our proper goodbyes. I’m going to keep doing whatever is needed, but it might be that I’m not always as quick or on the ball as I usually am. I hope you understand. Thank you so much for all your support for my work, well actually more passion than work. You’re all brilliant!