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Exercising my way

I took this photo in my neighbourhood forest: Oranjewoud. Isn’t it gorgeous? I try to go there daily. It keeps me sane!

Exercising is essential. I’ve already talked about that in a blog. In order to get yourself moving structurally, it is important that you find out which way of moving does not feel like a challenge to you. Find a way of exercising that comes to you naturally. Don’t let yourself be guided by the ideas of others about what ‘real’ exercise is. It can be something completely different from what we classify as sports.

For me it is gardening, working from the ground with my horse and walking. I often walk for hours at a time. Voluntary! Because I love it. Just putting that one foot in front of the other and letting them take me past tonnes of beautiful places. I prefer to walk in nature, like in this forest where you can often find me. When there is hardly anyone around, I am completely happy …

It is certainly a plus that my favourite way of exercising happens to be outside. I enjoy walking in the fresh air, the natural environment is conducive to clearing my mind and I get vitamin D to top all that. Well, at least in a month or so. When the sun is high enough again.