Yellow archangel

yellow archangel - lamium galeobdolon

Look what I found along the side of a forest path: lots of yellow archangel, Lamiastrum or Lamium galeobdolon! Most of you probably know the purple and white relatives of this plant, but you’ll see this one a little less often around here. So I was pretty exited about that, especially since the yellow archangel is even better tasting than either white or purple dead-nettles.

You can eat dead-nettle in the same ways as the stinging nettle, but without the inconveniences caused by the stinging hairs when picking them. So you can eat the leaves both raw and cooked. Dead nettle sports delicious flowers as a the bonus. Sweet in taste and that certainly applies to the yellow variety. It is the sweetest of all. They’re like candy to me.

Dead nettle is rich in minerals and therefore very healthy to eat. The medicinal properties are somewhat comparable to the stinging nettle, although the dead nettle is less powerful. That’s why I mostly enjoy the culinary pleasures that this plant offers …