About healing; what to expect when you enter my practice

I personally have a strong preference for the word healing, although nowadays curing is a more common word for the type of work I do. Healing is so much broader than curing. Curing is about bodies and diseases, healing is about everything that is considered incomplete or broken.

Healing in practice, physically or spiritually

Healing is the art of making that which is deemed to be broken or incomplete whole again. One can heal both animate and inanimate things. So a human, who isn’t functioning the way he or she would like to, can be healed, but also an animal or a tree or a business, etcetera. I myself heal anything with a pulse in any way needed. Be it physical or spiritual, to me it doesn’t really matter. The two aren’t separate.

When someone comes to me for a consultation, I expect them to seek healing for everything they consist of. One thing during my own life is that you cannot cut a person into pieces and only heal one of those pieces to make the whole person feel good again.

Healing is continued growth

To heal myself I needed to tackle more than the disease I officially had. It was a good start and gave me the energy to proceed. After symptom, came disease, came cause, came body, came lifestyle, came mental well-being, came … actually, you never stop growing during this process. Although I can now say that I have come to a point where most people would call me pretty whole, I realize there will always be development.

A wise woman knows she still has a lot to learn.