Chamomile, Matricaria recutita

Who hasn't sat on a couch with a cup of chamomile tea in hand? Well, I for sure have. Although it is becoming more and more difficult to find chamomile,…
chamomile - matricaria recutita - flowers

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Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis L.

When I think of lemon balm, the sun immediately starts to shine. Thing is, I like to put some leaves of this plant in water when the weather is nice,…
lemon balm - melissa officinalis - tea

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Mallow, common, Malva sylvestris L.

The common mallow is one of my favourite plants and not only because of its cheerful pink to purple flowers. In the past I drank many a cup of mallow…
mallow - malva sylvestris - flower

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Marigold, Calendula officinalis

Marigold, Calendula officinalis, gives us one last sun salutation before we go into winter. This cheerful plant bravely continues to flower until the moment that night frost arrives. Marigold is…
marigold - calendula officinalis - flower and butterfly

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Milk thistle, Silybum marianum

Milk thistle, Silybum marianum, is a wild beauty found in rugged places. With spring approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss this plant in detail. Many…
milk thistle - silybum marianum - bud

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Monkshood, Aconitum napellus

Anyone who has ever encountered Monkshood in the wild, for example on a mountain somewhere in Central Europe, has probably been deeply impressed by the beauty of this plant. Both…
monkshood - aconitum napellus - inflorescence

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Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris

As you can see from her Latin name Artemisia vulgaris, mugwort is related to wormwood. In contrast to wormwood, mugwort contains only a little bit of thujone. This makes mugwort…
mugwort - artemisia vulgaris - leaves and inflorescence

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Peppermint, Mentha piperita

Believe it or not, these days there are people who think that peppermint is nothing but a piece of candy. It is striking that many take that particular sweet right…
peppermint - mentha piperita - leaves in pot

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