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periwinkle - vinca minor - flower and leaf

Periwinkle, common, Vinca minor L.

Common periwinkle, Vinca minor, is a popular garden plant. Not surprising, because it is not only an evergreen, but also has gorgeous, purple flowers. And many people consider it a useful border plant because it covers the soil. I happened to stumble upon her in the woods a while back, but unfortunately periwinkle is hard to find in the wild these days.

Healing properties of periwinkle, Vinca minor

Medicinally, periwinkle is an asset to any home pharmacy because it affects ailments for which restoring good blood circulation is important. Think of proper performance of the brain and head in general and memory disorders and headaches in particular.
Periwinkle also impacts the effect of neurotransmitters, making it an excellent plant to use in those conditions where these play a role, such as depression, anxiety and restlessness.

Magical effects of this gorgeous plant

Magically, the periwinkle has quite a reputation. It is a powerful shamanic plant that counteracts possession and evil intentions. It restores lost memories and is therefore extremely useful in recovering from trauma induced amnesia. However, there is often a reason why someone has blocked memories. This is therefore an application that only an expert should use. Periwinkle is a good love plant and aids you while divining.

Botanical description Common periwinkle, Vinca Minor L.

Periwinkle is a plant with a creeping rhizome. It is an evergreen and provides good ground covering. Its stems can grow up to three metres long, but are rarely more than 30 cm off the ground.
The stems are woody and smooth with opposite, leathery, dark green leaves. The leaves are placed on a short stalk, elliptical in shape, 3 to 5 cm long and about 2 cm wide. The lilac to purple flowers grow in the leaf axils. They are about 3 cm in diameter and have five corolla lobes that are obliquely truncated. In the throat of the flower there is a white ring. The fruit consists of two follicles and contains many seeds.

Interesting facts

We know with certainty that we – in Western Europe – have been using periwinkle since the beginning of our calendar because there is written evidence of this. It is likely that our usage of this plant goes back even further.
Periwinkle is involved in several old burial customs. It is associated with death in general and often planted in cemeteries, especially on children’s graves. When an unmarried woman died, a wreath of this plant was put on the grave.

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Periwinkle, common, Vinca minor L. image