Practical Magic part 1: rituals and spells, the basics

Practical magic part 1: rituals and spells, the basics

In my blog about rituals in daily life, I discussed why rituals are so important to people in general and people like me in particular. An appropriate set of rituals is essential for every person’s well-being. These rituals ensure a conscious life, in which you can reflect on and assess what is good for you. In addition, rituals help you achieve your goals. That is why I pay a lot of attention to rituals in all their facets on this site. Today part 1 of the Practical Magic series: the basics of rituals and spells.

Daily and occasional rituals and spells in my magical life

For me, my daily rituals ensure that I am, at all times, aware of the magic of life and my connection to everything. It makes wyrd’s web and my place in it visible and tangible. In addition to my daily rituals, I also perform incidental rituals. These are rituals that I occasionally do to achieve very specific goals. Think of starting a new project, completing a painful phase in my life, et cetera.

I also use spells for this. Spells are often seen as a series of actions and also words, spoken aloud or not, which, together with the actions performed, connect the ritual to the goal. As I write this, I realise I should tell you at this point that my spells most of the time aren’t words. In fact, more often than not no words are involved. In my case, a spell is most of all an image (or a series of images) or a feeling or intention (or, again, a series of these). The reason for this is that using language can also be a pitfall when it comes to doing magic. It is very difficult to exactly capture your intention in words.

The purpose determines the ritual

The complexity of a ritual depends on my purpose. The simpler my goal is, the simpler my actions will be. I always use at least one of the elements, often more. For those who do not know what I mean by elements, they are air, fire, water and earth. The order in which I write this is not arbitrary to me. The “easier” my goal is to achieve or the more straightforward the situation I’m influencing, the more “fleeting” the element of choice will be. If it is very complicated, I might use all four of them. A ritual can therefore vary in duration from 1 second to hours.

The reason for this is simple: the more complicated the ritual … the more focus and energy I’ll generate and release. To come back to the web analogy: sometimes it is enough to let a breeze touch a single wire, sometimes you have to vibrate a whole section of the web vigorously. I think it’s fairly obvious why I put the elements in this particular order, but I may be mistaken. To me, this order is the one that intuitively moves from the most to the least transient in nature.