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If you insist on putting me into a spiritual box – and that’s something I can do without – then perhaps animist would be the most appropriate label. Everything around me is spirited to me. What’s more, everything around me has just as much right to life as I have. That this is not self-evident for many people is clear from the way we, as a species, treat the earth.

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Are the pagan gods and goddesses important in your wise woman’s practice?

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: are pagan gods and goddesses important in your wise woman's practice? Or, alternatively, people just assume that I worship pagan…

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Avoid being burned at the stake

Have you considered volunteering for a pagan leadership position, but are afraid of being burned at the stake? This article offers you a guide to the community’s expectations, both explicit and implied, with a fool-proof method to make all the pagans happy, all of the time.


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Mary Tree

This week I read in the Dutch newspapers that the Marialinde—Mary tree in Dutch—in Oisterwijk has been elected tree of the year. This tree is at least 650 years old. Its name reveals that this specific tree was important to our ancestors. Linden trees were seen as powerful magical protective trees and were often the first to appear in a new settlement. They played a role in many important social rituals. When christianity gained the upper hand, the church was unable to eradicate this custom, so the tree in question was adopted and christianised. You can read more about Linden’s magical properties and also about its medicinal effects in the monograph elsewhere on this website.

Why Easter is an excellent weekend to discuss the position of women

As I write this, we are in the midst of the Easter weekend. During this weekend, a large part of society here in the Netherlands commemorates the time when Jesus…

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