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Abseiling geometer caterpillar

Caterpillars who seem to be dancing… they’re all over the forest at the moment. They’re not dancing, though. It’s more like a sort of abseiling.

These caterpillars will be geometer moths one day. These moths lay their eggs high up the tree when winter approached. When these trees start growing leaves again in spring, the caterpillars emerge and start feasting on the young leaves.

As soon as they’ve had enough to eat they lower themselves to the ground dangling from a silk thread. Once on the ground, they weave a cocoon in which they lie low until autumn arrives.

That’s when their beautiful moth selves emerges to find a mate and restart the cycle….

Crow fledgling

Meet our guest for the last two days. This fledgling crow was in our care while waiting to be placed into a bird sanctuary.

He was found sitting on the ground near our field. Normally that wouldn’t have been cause for alarm. Crows, more often than not, leave the nest before they can fly. Their parents will keep feeding them on the ground until they’re ready to do it all on their own.

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Feel the magic…

Somewhere in Kerry, Ireland…

There are places where it’s impossible not to feel the magic that’s in the earth. Where it’s easy to transcend this plane and travel elsewhere. This is one of these spots.

Sit with me for a while and see what I see.


My most important task is to guide people who want to get back onto their own path. Who want to trust themselves again, every aspect of themselves, their mind, their heart and their body. I help them see the stories, taught through upbringing and cultural frameworks, for what they are, recognise the voice of their own intuition and find the strength to follow it, on their way to health and happiness.

That’s the red thread through all my work, empowering people. In small ways, by sharing knowledge, thus enabling people to take care of themselves. And in larger ways, by always asking questions, challenging the status quo…

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Mouse, beetles and flies

Nature’s cycles, the circle of life in action.

I came across this mouse today while walking in local woods. I filmed as it was being eaten by burying beetles (Nicrophorus vespilloides) and carrion flies. While around us everything is growing and coming to fruition, death is still also very much part of life.

If you can’t say ‘yes’ wholeheartedly, there’s always ‘no’. ‘No’ is an answer too. In fact, sometimes it’s the only possible answer.

Many of us, especially women, have been taught never to say no. Learning to say no is often an important step towards healing, physically and mentally and spiritually. If you can’t say ‘yes’ wholeheartedly, just say no for a change.

Emma, hagetisse

Rooks nesting

Some plants are better left alone, unless you’re an expert on medicinal and therapeutic usage

One of the plants in my garden that I wouldn't recommend for medicinal usage unless you're an expert is foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. This plant has brilliant medicinal properties, but is…
A plant that's better left alone, unless you're an expert on medicinal and therapeutic usage: foxglove, digitalis purpurea

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