Terms and conditions as used by the hagetisse

Okay, well, here it is. I can present you with pages full of legal terms that neither you nor I really understand, but I think none of us has any use for that. Therefore, I would like to keep it simple.

First of all:

Hagetisse Wise Woman is based in Ireland in Tralee, Co. Kerry and registered at the Companies Registration Office under number 711398.
You can reach us by email at [email protected].


I am not a doctor or other regulated professional. Nor am I pretending to be anyone such. I am what one would call a wise woman, a practitioner of natural magic and healing. I deliver wise woman services and sell wise woman products. When you want to make use of my services, you probably have already seen your fair share of doctors, psychologists, therapists and other specialists related to well-being in the broadest sense of the word. The fact that you are here tells me they have not been able to help you. Most likely, they have told you there is nothing more they can do for you and you should count your blessings and  learn to live with whatever restrictions your afflictions and/or problems poses you with.

So you have decided to try another way, a holistic way, of looking of whatever it is that bothers you and use my knowledge and experience in these matters. You are more than welcome to and I promise to do my best to help you, like I have helped others before you. If I feel that you should go (back) to some other professional, I will surely tell you, but it is up to you whether you do that or not. And, as said, I’m not a doctor, therapist and or other regular professional. Think about what kind of help you need. If there’s a fire, call the fire department. If you’re in danger, call the police. If you’re sick, call a doctor. You get my drift… use your common sense!

Also, I always reserve the right to not provide services or products, for instance for for moral or ethical reasons.

The ways of magic

Some of my services and/or products involve magic. On this subject: magic is no exact science and its outcome depends on a lot of things. I do promise you that I always work hard and dedicatedly to bring the magic about. I can, however, never give any guarantees on the outcome of crafting. Neither can I give a time frame in which to expect results.

It depends on what you are asking. The smaller the feat, the shorter the time it takes and the larger the feat the longer it takes. And then again, it might never happen because what you want might not be what you need. Magic is really clever that way.


We will not achieve anything if you do not stick to the instructions I give you or do not tell me everything that is important to your case. It is, of course, your right to not stick to the instructions or withhold information, as it is your right to change your mind on many matters. I cannot force you and would not want to force you, since I believe that you are ultimately the one to decide about your life and all that is related to it. Having said that, that also automatically means that I cannot be held responsible for your life either. Only you are responsible and accountable for your life.

Therefore, I CANNOT and WILL NOT accept ANY liability for the outcome of your use of my website(s), services and/or products or ANY damages that you feel have occurred to you or any other party as a result of said use of my website(s), services and/or products. As plain and simple as that.

Please also note that magic, once cast, is irrevocable and you and you alone are responsible for the outcome. I will set you up for success, but the magic ultimately is dependent on your intent. The use of magic, be it mine or someone else’s,  is always at your own risk.


Make sure you bring pen/pencil and paper to take notes of the instructions I give you during consultations, workshops and other instances during which I provide services to you. Other recording devices are explicitly forbidden, as are notes taken in any way on my craft, workings and methods. You are legally held to respect my wishes on this. This may sound ominous and unfriendly, but please remember most of what you will witness are my craft secrets. They are supposed to stay secret.

About membership and the plant vademecum

When you become a member you get access to, amongst other, the plant vademecum. In the hagetisse plant vademecum you will find a wealth of information regarding all kinds of plants and, related to that, indications, medicine, magic and the likes. A vademecum like this is always a work in progress and plants and other information will be added regularly.

Before you start using the vademecum, I want to make sure some basic rules are clear:

  • Membership gives you access to the information provided in the vademecum for personal use, but you are not allowed to copy the content or any part of the database.
  • As a member you will be added to my mailing list so I can keep you up to date on new publications etcetera.
  • This vademecum is made by a human, being me. I can make a mistake. Therefore, always use your common sense. Use of the information in the vademecum is always at your own risk and account.
  • The world of medicine is always evolving. Insights are gained daily. Therefore, in each plant monograph it is stated that you should read a pharmacotherapeutical manual. In such a manual instructional information per type and brand of medication is detailed. Interactions with herbs aren’t always properly documented though. If you suffer from illnesses and/or use medication and/or other herbs and you do not know VERY certain if these can be combined with a plant you want to use, always investigate THOROUGHLY whether that’s a good idea, even if it’s not mentioned in a plant monograph.
  • Never use more that the dosage indicated, unless at the advice of a medical professional. Therapeutically, plants are always used in fairly small amounts. If you, all of a sudden, see a unusually high dosage, check and double check this. I could have made a mistake. Please inform me about any such discrepancy as well. If you purchase a phytotherapeutical which contains a certain plant and the dosage that is indicated for that phytotherapeutical  differs from the dosage as mentioned in a plant monograph, use the dosage as indicated in the instruction of the phytotherapeutical. It might be that the standardisation of this phytotherapeutical  is different from the traditional one.
  • Never use a plant of which you don’t know whether you are overly sensitive to it. If you’re not absolutely sure, always try a tiny amount first.

You can become a member of the hagetisse website and, as a result, gain access to the information on that website. You do this by going to the Become a member page and following the instructions on that page. You can choose between types of subscriptions, according to your preferences. The yearly subscriptions will be renewed automatically and will be collected automatically by direct debit. The same goes for recurring donations.

You can always cancel your subscription or donation, but will have to take proper notice of at least a month into account. Cancellation is only possible per end of the current subscription or donation period. That means that if you, for instance, bought an annual subscription and you cancel after 5 months the subscription will continue for another 7 months before it ends. In the exceptional case of a yearly subscription being ended prematurely (for instance in the event of death), any discount will be revoked. Restitution will only take place of the paid annual fee minus the number of months used.

For information on how the vademecum works, please go to the manual. I will keep updating that document when and where necessary. It’s therefore always a good idea to check it every now and then. Should you have a questions about the vademecum that isn’t answered there, not in the FAQs, you can, of course, always contact me. .

On prices and payments

I at all times reserve the right to make price adjustments or changes of another nature to my products and/or services if the circumstances so require. You as a customer have the right to stop using my services and/or services if I do so. An exception to the last sentence exists if the changes result from changes in the law and/or higher costs that can reasonably be traced either to inflation and the like or to demonstrably higher costs on the other hand.

I require payment for my services and/or products in advance, either by bank or on the spot in cash, as I do not have the facilities to pay with either debit or credit card at my place. If you do not turn up for an appointment or fail to cancel at least 72 hours before an appointment you will have to pay for the appointment. This is only fair since I will most likely not be able to fill your place on such short notice. You are free to stop using my services and/or products at any time, provided you stick to the cancellation rules as outlined above.

On deliveries and fullfilment

Many of my products are custom made and my services are always time consuming and sometimes time sensitive. Therefore, they take a bit longer to ship of than most regular consumer goods. I aim at shipping products within 7 days. Should it take longer, for instance because I have to wait for the right time, I will notify you. Non-time sensitive services will also usually be provided within 7 days. For any services which take longer, e.g. because I’m really busy or waiting for the right time, I will keep you posted on my progress.

Currently, none of my services and products are available to people in the United States of America, including US territories, and Canada. As a result, you cannot select these countries on check out for any of my products and services, including memberships. Logically, I likewise do not deliver to these countries.

As soon as something has been shipped, you will be notified. How long it will take to get to you depends on where you are and where I am at that moment.  If we’re in the same country, it will on average take 2 days. If there’s a sea or ocean and a loooong distance between us, it might take up to 2 weeks.

The standard postage rate for orders are:

  • within the Netherlands € 6,95
  • within the EU/EEA zone 1 € 14,95
  • within the EU/EEA zone 2 € 19,95
  • within the rest of the world (provided I ship there, please enquire before ordering) € 29,95

Free shipping is available for order over a minimum amount. That amount differs per zone and will be calculated automatically.

I try to use recycled materials for packaging as much as possible and make sure I label everything as it was provided to me. So make sure you send me the right details. I cannot be held responsible for your customs department or other officials withholding or delaying your parcel and therefore will not provide refunds in these cases. I am also not responsible for items getting lost in the post, the carrier is. Proof of postage is only kept on record for 3 weeks after order has been shipped and produced on request within that period of time. I decide which carrier will be used for shipping.

Mind, I do not ship to all countries. If your country is not explicitly listed, please contact me to see whether we can make an exception. I also reserve the right to decline an order and not ship at all. In that case, orders already paid for will be refunded.

On returns

The larger part of my products are custom made or custom adapted. As they were made or adapted for you, I cannot accept returns of these products. Same goes for my services. I do not give refunds for services already provided or not cancelled on time. This also goes for the vademecum and other digital products. As said earlier, I do, however, reserve the right to not provide services or products for moral or ethical reasons.

Please note that, as most of my products are hand and custom made, they are never the exact same. Therefore, the photos on the website are for illustrative purposes only. No rights can be derived from them.

The few products that are not custom made can be returned within 14 days. You just send me a message and I will provide you with the necessary instructions. Cost of return is always for the customer. Refunds will be given within 30 days of receiving the product, provided it is in good shape, not damaged or opened or otherwise compromised.


These terms and conditions are not meant to be exhaustive, nor do I think they are. They are meant to clear up most important matters that could come up in our relationship. It establishes that we are both grown-ups, you come to me of your own free will and are able to use your own judgement and common sense. If you feel that other matters should be discussed, please bring them up so we can talk about them. Should we feel the need to ask for a professional’s opinion in a dispute between us we will exclusively do so in a Dutch court, the one in The Hague to be exact.

While you’re at it, please also read my other legal stuff carefully, like privacy and cookie policies and my disclaimer. By making use of any of my website(s), services and/or products you explicitly declare that you have perused and agree with my terms and conditions, disclaimer, privacy policy and cookie policy.