What’s in the stars for the Hagetisse in 2024

hagetisse in the stars 2024

As February eagerly approaches, I’m slowly emerging from my winter slumber. Not that I haven’t been doing anything during those darkest winter months; I’ve deliberately taken it easy and dedicated time to reflection. As a hagetisse, I engage in practices such as trance journeys and the divination ritual I described earlier for gaining insights. It depends entirely on what I want to know.

For me, the darkest time of the year is the ideal period to be open to profound messages. It’s the time to wrap up the past year and prepare for the year ahead. This time around, even before entering the darkness, I sensed that significant changes were on the horizon. Necessary changes. All the more reason to open-mindedly receive the insights that would undoubtedly come. And they did.

From light towards shadow

It has become clear to me that, as I moved into my 51st year, my focus as a hagetisse is shifting. From being fully in the sun, I am moving more towards the shadow. For a holistic healer and certainly for a wise woman, recognising and understanding our unseen and maybe even unknown aspects are crucial to helping people get to where they want to be. Not only in terms of health, but also when it comes to general wellbeing.

Four years ago, circumstances gently nudged me towards The Hagetisse’s Plant Vademecum and subsequently The Hagetisse’s Herbal Grimoire. Now, it’s time to shed light on other aspects of this wise woman’s practice. Of course, my plant allies will always stay an important part of my life, but when it comes to my writing work they will move to the background a bit more. I felt this coming and have already invested a lot of time in a book about nourishing our bodies. Once that book is complete – the Dutch version is currently in the editing phase – we will dive deeper.

The Hagetisse’s Nutrition Book

So, what does 2024 hold for me? Firstly, I will continue working on the aforementioned book. I anticipate that The Hagetisse’s Nutrition Book, as it will be called, will be released in Dutch sometime in the spring. The English translation will follow later in the year. In my opinion, this is an essential book for anyone serious about well-being. After all, you cannot have well-being if you do not provide your body, the vessel that carries you everywhere, with the nourishment it needs. In fact, you cannot grow mentally and spiritually from a neglected body. It starts with nutrition.

For those who prefer a course format, that’ll be possible too! Since the last major update of the website, everything is ready to launch The Hagetisse’s online Nutrition Course. Meanwhile, there is already plenty to read on this website to help you improve your overall health.

In the meantime, I have already started on the book in which we will delve deeper. In this book, I will explore the universal and timeless powers that affect all of us. It will give you insights that, if truly understood, will grant you the wisdom and serenity to live your best life. I hope to have this one ready before we all enter the next dark period. That way, this book might keep you company during that interesting time of the year when you hopefully gain more insight into your path.

The Adventures of Alvar and Ardis

But first, another book will be released. It’s one I’ve wanted to write for a long time, because it’s fun. As some may know, a children’s book written by me was published in 2016. This book now has a sequel, Alvar and Ardis and Sunset Home.

Since this first book, I have seen fit to rename them. They are now called Alvar and Ardis. However, their way of life hasn’t changed. It is no less, well, unconventional. Due to this name change, the first book will be reissued around the same time, completely revamped. The Dutch Alvar and Ardis books are expected to be in stores at the end of February or the beginning of March. As yet, I don’t have dates for English releases.

Your home is your castle

Last, but definitely not least, it has become clear to me that finding a permanent home is a priority in 2024. Not only because my family and I long for one, but also because it is a prerequisite for being able to receive and guide people in person again. I love reaching so many people through my writing and am grateful that, this way, I can help even more people on their path. However, I miss being able to look people in the eye and connect on a personal level. Water is, after all, my primary element. As a result, some of my future plans need a fixed abode.

Therefore, I will dedicate extra time to finding that place. Or rather, to letting myself be guided to that place. I have already seen it; now, I only need to get there😊 I have already caught a glimpse of what will happen once I’ve found it as well. And oh my goodness, am I looking forward to it! In short, it’s time for a good stretch and get myself out there!