Where my herbal knowledge comes from

People often ask me where my knowledge comes from. Where doesn’t it come from might be a better question. In my life I have come across the most valuable knowledge in the most unexpected places. It started in my early childhood and never stopped. I learn a lot every day and I am aware that I will never stop learning.

I also ‘just’ followed courses, read books and gained experiences. I would like to tell you about that, because I am convinced that knowledge and experience is there to share. Having said that, I would like state right away that sharing is less easy for the magical side of it all. A lot of that part of my path is incredibly personal – and the result of lifelong soul-searching and hard work – and often simply cannot be put into words. I therefore won’t even attempt to write that kind of stuff down in this article.

This blog is therefore mainly about my medical and plant knowledge. I will tell you about my training and my favourite books. With that information – and a huge investment of time – you’re going to go a long way if you want to walk a similar path as me. I can assure you it’s worth it. Apart from a wealth of knowledge, you will find something else which is priceless: a renewed and profound connection with nature that will make your life much more beautiful.