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Trance and trance journeying as a tool during shadow work

Trance is a state of consciousness that lies somewhere between our normal awareness and sleep. A trance state can range from light to deep. In this state, you have access…
cave photo to illustrate trance journey and shadow work

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Chronic illness is a normal reaction to an abnormal world

If I had to capture one of my key principles in my practice in a single sentence, it would be this: chronic illness is a normal reaction to an abnormal…
Meditating outdoors is a good health practice

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Remarks on making tincture according to the weighted method

Sometimes I get questions that are so good I dedicate a blog to them. One such question is about making tinctures using the weighted method. As those of you who…
photo for remarks about tincturing using the weighted method

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Weed pesto recipe: foraging and cooking with wild plants

Foraging and cooking with wild plants is fun, tasty and healthy. So, today I am posting this yummy recipe for weed pesto.
Foraging and cooking with wild plants: weed pesto recipe

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Life after a chronic illness

Some time ago, I wrote about self-healing. Those who have read this blog know that I once had the label of being chronically ill myself. I have been living without…
life after chronic illness photo

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Why Easter is an excellent weekend to discuss the position of women

As I write this, we are in the midst of the Easter weekend. During this weekend, a large part of society here in the Netherlands commemorates the time when Jesus…
Easter ostara jezus and the position of women

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How to achieve self-healing?

Say you have a chronic issue, and, with the right guidance, you could overcome it. There's really no reason why you couldn't achieve this yourself if you’d know how to…

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Hypocrisy in media reporting on medicine

Recently, there were reports about some dangerous herbs all over the Dutch media. Frankly, it really got my goat. Not so much because there were warnings about the use of…
hypocrisy in media reporting on medicine photo

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How do you deal with noise pollution?

As I write this, I am sitting in a beautiful spot in the middle of one of the Netherlands' larger natural parks. There is not a soul in sight. I…
noise pollution photo

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Good intentions for the new year

I've seen plenty of them come and go around the new year: good intentions. By the time the first signs of spring emerge, they’ve often been thrown out of the…
Good intentions for the new year photo

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