cPNI, clinical psychoneuroimmunology in the hagetisse's practice


cPNI, Clinical Psycho Neuro Immunology, is an integrative treatment approach, covering a wide range of health disciplines. It includes, amongst others, endocrinology, muscology, neurology, psychology, sociology, genetics, epigenetics and immunology. Looking at a person and his/her ailment from all these different angles improves our capacity of getting to the root of the problem—the cause so to say—and thus arrive at a real solution. cPNI this is the future of medicine.

A human is an integrated whole rather than a simple machine

A human is not a machine, but a complex interplay of organic materials, biochemical processes and external factors. The totality of these factors makes that every person functions in his or her utterly unique way. Looking at such a complicated system from just one medical speciality at a time does not do justice to the complexity of an individual. Clinical psychoneuroimmunology does tackle this.

cPNI: going beyond symptoms to the root of the problem to finally solve a disease

The cPNI approach can map the emergence of a disease, which sometimes has a long history. This method not only makes it clear what one is suffering from exactly, but also what caused it originally. Thus, one can move beyond treatment at symptom level and actually tackle the issue at its root.
The method of treatment in cPNI doesn’t restrict itself, but includes whatever discipline is deemed necessary to come to a successful solution. Nutrition, exercise therapy, supplements, counselling, and many other methods, they are all used to reach our goal.