What the hagetisse does

The hagetisse solves/helps to solve problems, especially in the fields of health, spirituality and general well-being. I use a holistic approach to challenges and issues. Part of my toolbox is herbalism or fytotherapy. I also use naturopathic medicine, like orthomolecular medicine and cPNI – two of the many relevant fields I studied. Another part consists of old healing and herbal knowledge.

The ability to make changes and to heal ourselves lives within all of us. Also in you. You only have to know how to tap into it. That’s the hard part and that’s where I come in. Often coming closer to your core self and nature is a large part of the solution. Together, we’ll work towards your goal.

Do you want to make an appointment? Do get in touch with me. Want to know more about me first? Please read this page.

Which services do I offer?

  • Personal consultations, during which we address your question, query of challenge together. These consultations are either online or in person.
  • Environmental and ethical consultancy. I work as a green and ethical conscience for people and businesses.
  • Access to my plant vademecum in which I share a lot of my knowledge on healing, magical and edible plants.
  • Articles, blogs and columns about my knowledge, art and work as a hagetisse.
  • Inspiring presentations and talks about my knowledge, art and work as a hagetisse.
  • Workshops on location on many hagetisse related subjects


My prices depend on the type of product or service. For information about consultations, check out the Consultations page. For information about becoming a member, check out the Become a member page. For information on other products and services you can contact me.

Legal stuff

Please also read my legal stuff, like terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policies and my disclaimer, careful. By making use of any of my services or products you explicitly declare that you have perused and agree with my terms and conditions.