What is the difference between the Herbal Grimoire and the Plant Vademecum

I will try to explain the differences between the two media. Not everything on the website can be found in The Hagetisse’s Herbal Grimoire. And vice versa, not everything that can be found in the Herbal Grimoire is also on the website.

In short, you will find the digital plant vademecum on the website, which is partly accessible via a free subscription and fully accessible via an annual membership fee. On the same website you will find a large number of blogs, part of which are also about herbalism. The latter are also fully accessible with the paid membership.

The Herbal Grimoire is a book, so you pay for it once and you can read it on your couch or wherever you want. It contains roughly similar information as in the plant vademecum + herbalist blogs, but they are not exactly the same. The monographs are largely equal. The difference is mainly in the instructive part 2, which contains information that you cannot find on the website.

Things are of course searchable in a different way on the website than in the book. The Herbal Grimoire also offers space for notes. The website contains a number of posts that cannot be found in the book. The nuggets can only be found on the website anyway.