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Alkaloids, general

The alkaloids are a group of constituents that you best keep away from if you don't know exactly what you are doing. Among alkaloid-containing plants are illustrious names such as…

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Anthraquinones, general

Anthraquinones color the plants in which they occur. They can therefore also be used as dyes. They occur bound to glucose or another sugar and that is their active form.…

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Bitters, general

Bitters are plant constituents which have a bitter taste as a common characteristic.

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Coumarins, general

A coumarin is an aromatic compound that was first extracted from the Tonka bean, which is called Cumaru in Spanish. Until it became known that coumarin is harmful in large…

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Enzymes, general

An enzyme is a catalyst, a substance that supports and accelerates reactions in the body. It is not used up or structurally changed during this reaction itself.

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Ethereal oils, essential oils, general

Ethereal, essential or volatile oils are aromatic compounds which are found in certain plant families. They are mainly located in the flowers and fruits and provide the nice smell and…

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Flavonoids, general

Flavonoids are nitrogen-free, organic compounds. They are soluble in water and hydroalcohol. They belong to the group of polyphenols.

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Glycosides/heterosides, general

Glycosides or heterosides are substances that only occur in plants. They consist of a sugar bound to a non-sugar. Due to the sugar part, a glycoside is easily absorbed in…

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Gums, resins and related substances, general

Balsams, gums and resins are exudates that flow from a plant when damaged.

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Mucilages, mucilaginosa, general

In plants, mucilages absorb large amounts of water into a kind of slimy solution, almost like a gel. In the body they have a similar function: the binding of water.

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