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All about energy

Everything is about energy. That is a scientific fact. Both our body and our lifestyle are designed around it. By the way, this doesn’t only apply to humans, but to every living being. Without energy we will die and energy is a scarce commodity. When you let this fact sink in, a lot suddenly makes sense. Like, why it is sometimes difficult to get yourself in motion. After all, exercise costs energy. And on the other hand, why eating too much is often just a bit too easy. After all, food provides you with energy.

That explains as well why a sense of purpose is perhaps the most important motivation for living beings. If we don’t feel that our goals make sense, it’s hard to get ourselves moving. This goes for very profane goals, such as finding food when you are hungry, to very grand purposes, like building the wells in Africa. We have to see the meaning of something ourselves. Otherwise nothing will happen.

This also means that, if you do not fully support your goal, it will be difficult for you to achieve that purpose. I am, of course, not talking about goals that you CANNOT achieve because you lack essential characteristics. Like, flapping your arms up and down and flying away is not an option. You don’t have wings. But most goals you can actually reach if you want to badly enough.

Understanding ourselves and understanding where we come from and from which circumstances is essential for anyone who craves well-being. For me, addressing this issue is essential to the healing process….