A short introduction to divination for beginners: learning to read the web

Time for a short introduction to divination for beginners! Divination is the art of gaining insight into oneself, an issue or situation by means of divinatory tools or methods. If…
A short introduction to divination for beginners: reading the weave of the web

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About the magic in my work and my practice

I had my doubts whether magic is the word to use on my website. It has become quite polluted over the centuries. But to not use it means denying an…

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If you insist on putting me into a spiritual box – and that’s something I can do without – then perhaps animist would be the most appropriate label. Everything around me is spirited to me. What’s more, everything around me has just as much right to life as I have. That this is not self-evident for many people is clear from the way we, as a species, treat the earth.

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Avoid being burned at the stake

Have you considered volunteering for a pagan leadership position, but are afraid of being burned at the stake? This article offers you a guide to the community’s expectations, both explicit and implied, with a fool-proof method to make all the pagans happy, all of the time.


Feel the magic…

Somewhere in Kerry, Ireland…

There are places where it’s impossible not to feel the magic that’s in the earth. Where it’s easy to transcend this plane and travel elsewhere. This is one of these spots.

Sit with me for a while and see what I see.

Ferns: medicinal, magical, edible and… beautiful

I really enjoy the seas of ferns which you’ll find in forests in temperate climates like ours. Ireland was even more covered in them; forest over there would contain a…
Ferns: medicinal, magical, edible and… beautiful

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Many parts make up more than a whole: the magic of holism

On this website you will come across the word holistic as a way of looking at life in general and humans in particular. But what is holistic? Webster defines it…
Many parts make up more than a whole: the magic of holism

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Some plants are better left alone, unless you’re an expert on medicinal and therapeutic usage

One of the plants in my garden that I wouldn't recommend for medicinal usage unless you're an expert is foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. This plant has brilliant medicinal properties, but is…
A plant that's better left alone, unless you're an expert on medicinal and therapeutic usage: foxglove, digitalis purpurea

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The magic of rituals and their importance to our everyday life

We have all seen one of these documentaries at some point: people - druids, wiccans, witches, etc. – going through more or less complicated procedures during what they call magical…
the magic of everyday rituals

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Why maintaining a balance is important; the way magic works

As I wrote before, many questions I get are about magic. A popular one: what is magic and how do you use it in your practice? Today I’m going to…
balans en de werking van magie

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