tin watering can with flowers

Wow, that was quite a rollercoaster, this past Yuletide and a bit longer than that as well.

Shortly after asking you about your ideal place to live (thanks for the many inspiring responses!), I fell quite ill. Additionally, my dearest companion, Chelik, deteriorated rapidly. He was already an old man, but still… I never left his side and tried everything to help him. Towards the end as well, when helping meant being there for him continuously, to ensure his transition would be as peaceful as possible.

Meanwhile, I feel better, although I am still rather tired. I just give into that and everything else at play. Over the years, I’ve learned that during tough times, it works well for me to come to a bit of a standstill. To let whatever needs to be there be there without resisting it.

That doesn’t mean I do nothing. I write, read and walk a lot. I handle the necessary ongoing matters. I spend time with my family members but also a lot of time alone. Just sitting or hanging around or staring into space. But I do avoid doing anything that could have significant future consequences. Now is not the time for that. That time will come again, of course. I’ll feel it when it does.

What helps you get through the tougher times?