A personal, recurring, divination ritual to stay the course

A personal, recurring, divination ritual to stay the course

Recently I posted about staying in the here and now and I wrote about how rituals can help you with this. Now, I often get asked what that looks like for me. In the aforementioned blog I describe some daily rituals that I use. But I also perform less mundane rituals, using magical tools. Today I’m going to describe one of them: my personal and recurring divination ritual to set and stay the right course.

Sketching the outlines with the help of a ritual

Each new moon I perform a ritual specifically designed to keep me on track. That way I don’t have to engage in endless navel-gazing and reason myself to tears about everything. If the circumstances so require, I repeat this ritual in between new moons. For example, if things are developing unexpectedly fast. Or if something occurs that requires additional input. In those cases, I might decide to perform the ritual again with the full moon or – rarely – even more often.

Tools I use during this divination ritual

During this ritual I use the following:

  • My altar. This is always set up in the room that I also use as Hagetisse headquarters. Sometimes I add objects that matter. Often I don’t.
  • Lots of candles. I also always light them in a fixed order and I extinguish them in the reverse order. Every candle has a purpose, hence the order. I don’t even have to think about this. That order is self-evident to me.
  • I have a standard incense mixture for this particular ritual that mainly contains plants that promote divination of this type.
  • Multiple divination tools. By default I use 2 tarot sets, 1 lenormand set, 3 oracle card sets and my runes for this ritual. But it may happen that even more of those emerge.
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