Being a part of Wyrd itself

Being a part of Wyrd itself

As those who have been walking with me probably know, I am a wyrd walker. I have written plenty about wyrd and its working on my website, especially about wyrd being the driving force behind this intricate web or tapestry that we call life. Today, I’d like to shine some light on the fact that wyrd is not something that is merely happening to us. We are very much a part of wyrd ourselves, as are all those other creatures around us.

Fate is not wyrd is not fate

Many religions have a concept of fate or some sort of action-reaction dynamic. My main reason for using the word wyrd consistently when attempting to explain my spiritual practice is that there are at least two things that makes wyrd differ enormously from how fate is often understood.

First, there is the predetermination that is inherent in the word fate. Wyrd is not synonymous with that what is predetermined. It’s means more something like, that what is becoming. Wyrd is not fixed, it is fluid. The pattern has been laid, but the weaving is very much a work in progress. We cannot know what the end result will look like.

We are as much a part of wyrd as wyrd is part of us

Secondly, fate is seen as something that is laid upon us by an external force, or several forces for that matter. Wyrd is controlled by us, by humans, animals, plants, and other life forms. By the air, water, fire, and earth. By everything that is controlled by energy, which is, well, basically everything, ever. Wyrd doesn’t happen to us, we are part of it. As is your dog or cat or the soil on which you walk.

When you think about it, this is logical. It’s something that you are confronted with daily. You don’t go out because of the rain – maybe an illogical example for a lot of you, in the midst of summer, but don’t forget I’m living in Ireland while I’m writing this – and as a result, stuff happens or doesn’t happen, which in turn sets off a whole cascade of stuff happening or not happening.

Feeling the way of wyrd provides trust

And, as I discussed in earlier blogs, while it may seem that all depends on choices we make, it doesn’t. Because we do not actually make choices. We think we do, but, in reality, all of the circumstances that have led up to a certain point will ensure we ‘choose’ the only option we really have. Even when it comes to whether or not to use magic, whether you reach out to me or someone else, it was bound to become.

To really, really feel the way of wyrd, to know from deep inside your bones that this is how life works, makes it easy to trust that all is as it should be. It makes living feel as exhilarating as skipping across the Atlantic on a sailing boat, which a bracing wind in your sails.