The foundation of a healthy life, part 1: introduction

The foundation of a healthy life, part 1: introduction

As a hagetisse I receive many people who have problems with their health. It often concerns chronic diseases for which those who seek me out have not found an adequate solution in mainstream medicine. I approach every problem holistically, and that includes diseases. If you are looking for a pill that solves your problems in one go, you have come to the wrong place. That’s not how you got into the situation you want to solve, so you can’t fix it that way either.

It makes more sense that we dive deep into your circumstances and your past to find out how something evolved. After all, to find out how to change something you have to know how it came about. And more often than not, changing diet and lifestyle is part of the solution.

Your body is a temple

The above is a biblical text but this truth wasn’t invented by the christians. Our ancestors knew from the beginning of humanity that it was important to take good care of yourself. In a world in which life could end in a second, you learned to appreciate the role your body played. In our present world, our mental faculties are especially valued. The body seems subordinate to that. This is an unhealthy situation.

We often see our body as something to be converted, shaped into often unrealistic ideal images. We don’t appreciate it as it is and do unnatural things to it change it from what it is into something else. As a result, we no longer know what we really need and we do not respect our body the way it deserves.

Quick fixes don’t exist

A healthy mind in a healthy body is another of those statements which we all know but do little with. Instead of returning into our bodies to recuperate when our unhealthy, unnatural society becomes too much for us, we often keep running the rat race and rely on the quick fixes that same society offers us. It is important to break that vicious circle to be really and sustainably healthy.

In my practice I help people do just that: break the vicious circle in which they run around. Since diet and lifestyle are often an important part of this when we’re talking of chronic diseases, I have tried to dedicate a series of blogs to what that actually looks like: a healthy food and lifestyle. Changing either of these two is one of the fastest and easiest way to gain health .

This series is intended to give you something to work with if you want consider whether your diet and lifestyle are good for you. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you learn to listen to your body carefully to determine what it needs. This requires that you get back in touch with your original nature and re-learn to use your intuition optimally.

More on this subject in the next episode…